Agenda item

Better Care Fund Plan Resubmission.


The Board considered a joint report of Leicestershire County Council, West Leicestershire Clinical Commissioning Group and East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group which presented the final draft of the Better Care Fund Submission for Leicestershire and supporting papers for approval prior to submission to NHs England on 19th September.  A copy of the report marked ‘Agenda Item 6’ and the supplementary agenda pack incorporating the appendices to the report is filed with these minutes.


An updated version of the Better Care Fund Plan on a Page was tabled at the meeting, along with a log summarising changes that had been made to the Plan since the papers for the meeting were circulated.  A copy of both documents is also filed with these minutes.


Arising from discussion the following points were raised:-


(i)          It was felt that the revisions to the Plan had strengthened it.  The balance in the plan between prevention, social care and health was welcomed.


(ii)         It was noted that there was a decrease in investment in the autism pathway in future years due to two whole time equivalent fixed term contracts ending.  Arrangements to make the service more cost effective would be included in the next autism self-assessment to be considered by the Board, along with assurance that the expertise from the two additional posts had been translated into the service.


(iii)       It was felt that a tighter definition of safe discharge was needed across the health and care system.  It had to be recognised that the discharge of frail elderly patients should happen in the context of their underlying health conditions and that the aim should still be to return them safely to the residence from which they were admitted to hospital, with appropriate community based support.




(a)        That the BCF Plan be approved and that the Chief Executive of Leicestershire County Council be authorised to make any final amendments agreed by the Board for onward submission to NHS England on 19 September;


(b)        That the participation of the Health and Wellbeing Board in the National Assurance Process for BCF Plans, commencing on 22nd September, and the requirement for members of the Board and BCF Team to participate in a telephone conference call with the national assurance team be noted;


(c)        That it be noted that arrangements for the Integration Executive to have day to day oversight of the delivery of the BCF Plan were approved in March 2014;


(d)        That the Integration Programme Team and officers in partner organisations be thanked for their hard work to produce the Plan.


Supporting documents: