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High Speed Rail (HS2) Phase 2: West Midlands to Leeds HS2 Consultation: Proposed Response on Implications for Leicestershire.


[Mr. Blunt CC, having declared a disclosable pecuniary interest, withdrew from the meeting for the duration of this item.]


The Cabinet considered a report of the Director of Environment and Transport which outlined the current position on High Speed Rail (HS2) in Leicestershire and which recommended a response to the Government’s HS2 Phase 2 route consultation. A copy of the report, marked ‘5’, is filed with these minutes.


Members noted comments received from Mr. D. A. Sprason CC, a copy of which, marked ‘5a’, is filed with these minutes.


The Leader, noting comments he had received from constituents, requested that the proposed response to Government include reference to the fact that Tonge was a conservation area. The Director undertook to include this.




That approval be given to the proposed County Council response to the Government’s HS2 consultation as set out in the report, subject to the comment now made above, noting in particular paragraphs 22-25 thereto and the detailed responses contained in appendices E, F and G.



The Government has published proposals for a high speed railway (HS2) linking London, the East and West Midlands, and the north of England. The proposals for Phase 2, which passes through Leicestershire, are currently the subject of public consultation.


[Mr Blunt returned to the meeting.]


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