From the 1st September 2015 we will be making some changes to our website settings to ensure that you can continue to browse our website securely.

These changes are to keep pace with changes in technology, internet browsers and to ensure data security.

These changes will only affect you if you are using one of the older versions of the internet browsers below to access one of our webpages where HTTPS appears in the address bar.

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Should you wish to continue to access these pages please check yourinternet browser and update it if necessary.

Meetings, agendas and minutes

You will be able to access from this page meetings of the County Council, Cabinet, Scrutiny Commission and its committees, bodies in the Regulatory area - which includes the Development Control and Regulatory Board (planning), and Highway Forums. Just click on the following link:

Some meetings of the above bodies are scheduled in advance however a number of other meetings are also arranged on an ad hoc basis and are included in a list of meetings which are published on a weekly basis.

You can also search for documents via keywords. Once located, you can view them within your browser. If a document is located by searching via keywords, you have the option of downloading extracts of documents, rather than the whole file.

A general meetings archive of agenda, decisions and minutes for all current and expired council bodies since 2001 is also available. Simply choose a year and then whichever body you require.

You can also submit a new, or sign an existing, e-petition by accessing our e-petitions area.