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George Eliot NHS Foundation Trust Board of Governors



The Board of Governors is made up of elected and nominated Governors. The Governors have a number of key roles that they will fulfil:

  • Advisory: Representing the interests of our local communities and partner organisations in the way we work.
  • Guardianship: Taking on a ‘trustee’ role for the welfare of the organisation, by ensuring the way we work is in keeping with our roles and values.
  • Strategic: Advising us on our strategic direction and long term plans.
  • Accountability: Holding us to account for the delivery of our strategic objectives.

 Specific responsibilities of the Board of Governors include:

  • Ensuring that members of the public and partner organisations are consulted.
  • Holding meetings (a minimum of two formal meetings a year plus the annual members meeting).
  • Advising the Board of Directors on concerns of patients, public, carers, staff and partners relating to the hospital.
  • Appointing the Chairman and other non-executive directors of the foundation trust (with the exception of the initial appointments) and set their remuneration and allowances.
  • Approving the appointment of the Chief Executive (with the exception of the initial appointment).
  • Appointing or removing the auditor.
  • Receiving the annual report, accounts and report of the auditor.
  • Taking a lead role in the ongoing development of the Trust’s membership.


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Foundation Trust Project Manager

George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust
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Email: Doreen.Sadler@geh.nhs.uk

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