Outside body

County Councils Network


The County Councils Network is a special interest group of the Local Government Association.


2.0 Purpose of the Network


2.1 The purpose of the Network is to provide for consultation as to the common interests of member authorities.


3.0 Objects and Powers of the Network


3.1 The objects and powers of the Network are as follows:


a To protect, promote and support democratic local government in authorities in membership of the Network.


b To represent, wherever possible by consensus, the interests of member authorities in national government, to Parliament, political parties, European and other international institutions and other bodies, and the Local Government Association.


c To promote the financial interests of member authorities and to make representations to Government and other relevant bodies on the allocation of funding to its member authorities.


d To formulate sound policies for the development and enhancement of local democratic processes, particularly in multi-tiered areas.


e To provide forums for the discussion of matters of common concern to member authorities and a means by which joint views may be formulated and expressed.


f To promote the policies of the Network to national government and other relevant organisations.


g To use its best endeavours to enable members of different political groups to have the opportunity to contribute to the work of the Network and to the development of policies which represent, as far as possible, consensus between the political groups and between member authorities.


h To do anything which is calculated to facilitate or is conducive or incidental to the discharge of the aims of the Network.


Contact information

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County Councils Network

Layden House
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Phone: 020 7664 3011

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