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Hathern village

Hathern is one of the most attractive and certainly the most  friendly village in Charnwood.  It has the smallest Library in Leicestershire, as well as a Primary School, Medical Centre and even its own Brewery.  At the same time Hathern is one of very few villages on the A6 as it travels through the east midlands, not to have been by-passed.


I enjoy working with Hathern Parish Council on issues of mutual interest.  One such is the concern for over-development of the village and the encroachment of surrounding urban areas.  In that respect I am keen to ensure that development to the east and west of Loughborough are minimised and that any effects, particularly in terms of traffic are minimised.


The forthcoming Kegworth By-pass also risks an increase in traffic along the A6; something that may also require avoidance measures.

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