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Betty Newton CC

Phone: 01509 829031


Home Address:
24 Blackbrook Close
LE12 9LD


I was first elected to the County Council for Loughborough North and Hathern in 2005.  However, I have been involved in the Borough and Parish Council previously so I arrived with a fair degree of experience in helping people locally.


I am currently a spokesperson on Adult Social Care, which you could say is my speciality.  Social Care is mainly about the range of services for the most vulnerable in our community - elderly, disabled, those with mental, mobility and other problems.  It's why I came into local politics and joined the Labour Party.


Of course that doesn't mean I'm not interested in everyday issues at all.  Quite the contrary.  I've lived locally for many years and raised a family of four, now grown up children, of whom I'm very proud.


My work is as varied as campaigning for road crossings to tackling litter problems and noisy neighbours.

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