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Mobile: 07429055402


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21 Amersham Way
DE12 7PD


I am a governor of Moira Infant School where I take a keen interest in its affairs.


Responding to parents, I am actively investigating the possibility of Moira Infant School becoming a primary school.


A new Children's Centre has been built at Moira Infant School, supported by the County Council and funded by the Government.


A 20 mph safety scheme has been installed outside the school.


The school has developed a travel plan designed to reduce car journeys and to make the children's route to school safer.


A double mini roundabout is being installed at the Moira Toll Gate Cross Roads which will make this busy crossing safer and easier to negotiate.


Following a public meeting last year, I am supporting residents of Poplar Avenue who are working with County Council officers to get the road adopted.


Donisthorpe Lane is an area where traffic speeds are causing concern to local residents. The County Council is conducting a survey into the problem here and will hopefully be suggesting solutions shortly.


Ashby Road is another problem road with a request to reduce the current 40 mph limit down to 30 mph near the children's play areas.


Bath Lane at the junction with Via Devana regularly gets flooded. I am investigating the issue with all parties concerned including the County Council to see what can be done to resolve the problem here. 


The County Council has been very supportive of the regeneration of Moira Furnace a regional tourist attraction.


Moira Village Hall was built with County Council support and opened in 2002.


I am a member of the Ashby Woulds Regeneration Forum which meets at the Miners Welfare.


Conkers is an important catalyst for local regeneration which has been supported by the County Council.


New changing rooms at the football ground were supported in part through a grant from the County Council.



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