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A new Children's Centre has been built at Measham C of E School, supported by the County Council and funded by the Government.


The schools have developed travel plans designed to reduce car journeys and to make the children's route to school safer. 


A 20 mph speed limit is in force outside the schools


Parents at St Charles Catholic Primary School and the Blessed Robert Sutton Catholic Sports College are concerned about the County Council's proposal to charge parents for transport to Catholic Schools. I am opposing this proposal.


Residents have requested a crossing on New Street and I have raised this with the County Council.


The Riverview Tenants and Residents Association has complained that the street lights on the estate are inadequate, which the County Council is investigating.


There have been numerous complaints about car parking and transporters unloading near British Car Auctions on auction days.  Meetings have taken place at BCA and I will be following this up with the management and others with a view to resolving these problems.


Working with the Parish Council we have secured a new bus shelter on Burton Road. 


The old Library was housed in a temporary building.  I am very pleased I was able to obtain a modern purpose built brick building which is a real benefit to the local community.


I am delighted that restoration of the Measham Railway Station is now underway with funding from the County Council and others.


The County Council has installed new bus stops on Leicester Road and Bosworth Road after consulting with local residents.




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