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Sean Sheahan CC

Mobile: 07429055402


Home Address:
21 Amersham Way
DE12 7PD

Acresford, Donisthorpe and Oakthorpe



Four new bus stops have been installed here.


I have been taking action on speeding here and as a result a Vehicle Activated Sign has now been installed.




Residents have complained about delays to repairs of street lighting on Ramscliff Avenue; this has now been dealt with.


Ramscliff Avenue has a patch of untidy land which is an eyesore, I am pressing the District Council to do something about this.


Speeding has been identified by residents as a problem on the Moira Road where Vehicle Activated Signs warning drivers to slow down have been installed as a result. An early review has shown that the signs are not producing a sufficient improvement in traffic speeds and highways officers are currently looking into this.


Car parking is an issue at Donisthorpe Primary School and I have been exploring the use of County Council land opposite the school for this.




The school has developed a travel plan designed to reduce car journeys and to make the children's route to school safer.


As a result a 20 mph speed limit is in force outside the school.


Vehicle Activated Speed signs are now in place on the Measham Road to warn speeding traffic


I strongly support the work of the Leisure Centre in Oakthorpe and would like to see its activities expanded.



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