Officer decisions

Not all decisions are taken by the Cabinet or the Council. Details of delegated powers can be found in our Constitution.

Officers of the Council have powers to take decisions in a number of areas. Where such decisions affect the rights of the individual e.g. Traffic Regulation Orders or have a significant impact on the Council’s finances e.g. contracts over £1 million detail of these will be published.

You can search for officer decisions by date using the search function below.

Officer decisions
Title Date
Rural Grass Hedge and Grip Cutting Contract 2018-20 31/01/2018
No waiting at any time restrictions on Spa Lane & Leicester Road, Hinckley 27/02/2018
Approval to renew software, maintenance and support licence for the Authority's Gazetteer Management System, Symphony iManage 31/01/2018
Approval to negotiate revised commercial terms with the Safety Fence contractor, Messrs Ringway 31/01/2018
Prohibition of Driving Order on Station Road, Glenfield 27/02/2018
Limited Waiting Bay on Pochin Street, Corft, not be implemented 27/02/2018
Approval to place order with Principle Safety Ltd 27/02/2018
Street Lighting and Vehicular access works for resident in Great Bowden 07/03/2018
Traffic Calming Scheme on Beeby Road, Scraptoft 13/02/2018
Sub-contract agreement for Highways Delivery to undertake Street Lighting Works for Danaher & Walsh in Glenfield 08/02/2018
Sub-contract agreement for Highways Delivery to undertake installation of vehicle activated sign posts and electrical connections 29/03/2018
Recommendation that the proposed improvement scheme for Swan Street, Loughborough, be implemented 27/02/2018
Extension of the Supply of Cloth Tape and Hessian Pads contract 31/01/2018
Recommendation that the proposed no waiting at any time in Oadby be implemented 08/02/2018
Sub-contract agreement for Highways Delivery to undertake the resite of 2 street lights 31/01/2018
Approval to renew the specialist SATURN software, maintenance and license 24/01/2018
Implementation of a scheme to introduce no waiting at any time restrictions on Granite Way & Pontylue Way, Syston 24/01/2018
Sub-contract agreement for Highways Delivery to undertake Street Lighting and Traffic Signing works for Danaher & Walsh 22/01/2018
Recommendation that the proposed 30mph speed limit extension for Station road, Stoney Stanton, be implemented 22/01/2018
Approval for an application to stop up highway rights over an area of land adjacent to a property on Leicester Road, Hinckley 22/01/2018
Sub-contract agreement for the installation of 15 street lighting columns at Williams Homes, Heather Lane, Ravenstone 22/01/2018
Approval of charges for CON29 response provision for 2018/19 16/01/2018
Approval for the conversion of car park lighting to LEDs 27/02/2018
Approval for order with Crest Software for Valesco Estimating Software 22/01/2018