Agenda and decisions

Tuesday, 15 December 2020 2.00 pm

Venue: Sparkenhoe Committee Room, County Hall, Glenfield

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Medium Term Financial Strategy 2021/22- 2024/25 - Proposals for Consultation. pdf icon PDF 215 KB

Additional documents:


a)    That the proposed Medium Term Financial Strategy, including the 2021/22 revenue budget and capital programme, be approved for consultation and referred to the Overview and Scrutiny Committees and the Scrutiny Commission for consideration;


b)    That the Director of Corporate Resources, following consultation with the Cabinet Lead Member for Resources, be authorised to –


                          I.          agree a response to the draft Local Government Finance Settlement;


                        II.          decide on the appropriate course of action for the Leicester and Leicestershire Business Rates Pool in 2021/22 and subject to agreement by all member authorities to implement this;


c)     That a further report be submitted to the Cabinet on 5 February 2021.






To enable the County Council to meet its statutory requirements with respect to setting a budget and Council Tax precept for 2021/22 and to provide a basis for the planning of services over the next four years.


To ensure that the County Council’s views on the Local Government Finance Settlement are made known to the Government.


To enable the County Council (alongside the pooling partners) to respond to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government in respect of the Business Rates Pool within 28 days from the draft Local Government Finance Settlement.



Melton Mowbray Distributor Road (South) and Northern Sustainable Neighbourhood Masterplan. pdf icon PDF 301 KB

Additional documents:


That notwithstanding the letter from the Leader of Melton Borough Council of 15th December, it was resolved:


a)    That the outcome of work with Melton Borough Council and developers to progress the opportunity of the Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) grant, including the production of a revised development framework based on the illustrative development plan (as shown in Appendix A) with a view to that replacing the current masterplan for the Melton Southern Sustainable Neighbourhood (MSSN), be noted and supported;


b)    That subject to recommendations (c) – (d) below, the forward programme for delivery of the HIF scheme for the southern section of the Melton Mowbray Distributor Road (MMDR) be approved;


c)    That the Director of Corporate Resources be authorised, following consultation with the Directors of Law and Governance and Environment and Transport, and with the Cabinet Lead Members for Resources and Highways and Transportation, to:


                      i.        enter, subject to confirmation by Melton Borough Council of the acceptance of the principle of a finance agreement with Leicestershire County Council, into a Grant Determination Agreement with Homes England; 


                    ii.        finalise and enter into the necessary agreements to facilitate the securing of appropriate risk mitigation with Melton Borough Council, in line with the principles set out in paragraphs 57 – 59 of this report;


                   iii.        finalise and enter into the necessary agreements to facilitate the delivery of the scheme and to secure appropriate risk mitigation with relevant land owners and developers, in line with the required approach to Homes England HIF delivery;


d)    That the Director of Environment and Transport be authorised, following consultation with the Director of Corporate Resources, the Director of Law and Governance and the Lead Members for Resources and Highways and Transportation, to enter into such contracts as are necessary to progress the HIF scheme delivery and make minor amendments to the delivery programme;


e)    That the financial position of the County Council and the future pressures arising from growth outlined in paragraphs 19 – 23 of this report be noted, together with the emerging approach set out in paragraphs 60 – 65 of this report, which underpins the requirement for the risk-sharing agreement with Melton Borough Council to mitigate risk for the County Council, whilst supporting sustainable planned growth arising from the current requirements of the Melton Local Plan;


f)      That it be noted that the risk-sharing agreement reflects and understands the need to allow a substantial amount of the County Council’s risk to be transferred to Melton Borough Council;


g)    That it be noted that, following consultation, the County Council at its meeting in February 2021 will be asked to consider a policy which enables the County Council to support large infrastructure schemes in line with the Local Plans of district councils whilst mitigating the significant financial risks to the County Council; 


h)    That the current position with regard to the Melton North Sustainable Neighbourhood Masterplan be noted and that officers continue to engage with Melton Borough Council to support its delivery of a robust masterplan;


i)     That the Cabinet is disappointed by the tone of the letter from the Leader of Melton Borough Council which misunderstands the County Council’s position in that the issue is not what is affordable to Melton Borough Council but a request to carry out their role as local planning authority in a way which mitigates the financial risk to the County Council and should be seen in the context of the MSSN now being a financially viable development;


j)     That in the event of Melton Borough Council’s Cabinet rejecting the County Council’s request, the County Council would take no further action  ...  view the full decision text for item 5.


Network Management Plan Refresh. pdf icon PDF 529 KB

Additional documents:


That the refreshed Network Management Plan, consisting of a Policy and Strategy document (Appendix A to the report) and a Plan document (Appendix B), be approved.




Government encourages local highway authorities to regularly review and refresh NMPs, to ensure that they continue to reflect national legislation and guidance, changes to local policies and new procedures and developments.


Refreshing the NMP will ensure that the Council’s approach to managing its highway network remains fit for purpose both now and in the future. It will ensure that the approach takes account of current and future challenges, including growth pressures on the road network, customer expectations, decreased funding and climate change, as well as reflecting the County Council’s current network management activities.



Disposal from the Leicestershire Museum Collection by Transfer. pdf icon PDF 372 KB

Additional documents:


a)    That in light of the interest shown in the transfer of the Reid and Sigrist aircraft to the Newark Air Museum, the transfer be paused;


b)    That having been informed that the aircraft has now completed sufficient flying hours so that an application can be made for a certificate of airworthiness, the aircraft for now be left with Windmill Aviation but they be advised that


                     I.        the application for a certificate is a matter for the County Council as the owner of the aircraft, and


                    II.        no further flying of the aircraft be undertaken without insurance conditions being agreed with the County Council;


c)    That arrangements be made for officers to meet with Desford Parish Council and other interested parties to explain the County Council’s position, in particular that any transfer will be in line with the County Council’s Collections Development Policy; its main objective is that the aircraft is maintained and made available for public access by an accredited museum with specialist expertise in aircraft; there is no such facility within Leicestershire; the benefits of displaying the aircraft as a static object should be recognised; and the County Council is not and would not be in a position as the owner of the aircraft to accept the liabilities arising from the aircraft being flown for public display;


d)    That delegated authority be given to the Director of Adults and Communities, in consultation with the Leader of the Council, to take a decision on disposal.




There has been an amount of interest in the transfer of the aircraft and it is understandable that having restored the aircraft to an air worthy condition, aeroplane enthusiasts would wish to see the aeroplane fly, and to continue to have it maintained such that it can be flown in public display.


However, the County Council museum service is not in a position to maintain a flying aircraft nor can it take on the costs and liabilities of doing so


It is therefore appropriate that a further period of reflection is undertaken to engage with interested parties and to consider the best course of action for the aircraft given it has now completed its trial flights.





Exclusion of the press and public.

The public are likely to be excluded during the following item of business in accordance with Section 100(A) of the Local Government Act 1972:-


·        East Midlands Development Corporation Executive Summary Legal Advice and Risk Analysis.




East Midlands Development Corporation Executive Summary Legal Advice and Risk Analysis.

(Exempt under paragraphs 3 and 5 of Schedule 12A)




That the report and accompanying appendices be noted.






In order for the content of Appendix A and B to be taken into account ahead of consideration of the recommendations presented in the East Midlands Development Corporation and Freeport Proposal report.



East Midlands Development Corporation Interim Vehicle (Devco) and Freeport Proposal. pdf icon PDF 365 KB


a)    That the Council’s participation in the Development Corporation Interim Vehicle, based on the outline business case submitted to the Government in March 2020, in the form of a company limited by guarantee, be approved;


b)    That the proposed governance arrangements for the Interim Vehicle, including the establishment of an Oversight Authority Board and Independent Skills Based Board as set out in the report be approved and that the Director of Law and Governance be authorised to finalise the Members’ Agreement and Articles of Association documents;


c)    That the Council’s contribution of £500,000 per annum for the next 3 years, be approved, subject to the appropriate level of contributions being made by the other four constituent councils;


d)    That the Director of Corporate Resources be authorised to agree the release of funding at c) above;


e)    That subject to consultation with the Director of Law and Governance, who may make alternative nominations as necessary (i.e. in the event of matters such as potential conflicts of interest),


                     I.        the Chief Executive, following consultation with the Leader of the Council, be authorised to agree the appointment of the County Council’s member representative to the Interim Vehicle’s Oversight Authority Board;


                   II.         the Chief Executive be the County Council’s nominated representative on the Interim Vehicle’s Independent Skills Board;


f)     That progress with the project, including the Company Business Plan and establishment of the statutory Development Corporation, be reported to the Cabinet and the Scrutiny Commission as appropriate;


g)    That the Chief Executive, following consultation with the Leader of the Council and the Cabinet Lead Member for Resources, be authorised to agree the Council’s support or otherwise, for the submission of the final Freeport bid.






Approval to establish an Interim Vehicle will maintain momentum whilst the legislative processes to establish the statutory Development Corporation are navigated. The Interim Vehicle will lay the groundwork for attracting nationally and internationally significant investment and development into the East Midlands, something which Leicestershire County Council, other stakeholders or landowners could not attract on their own.


The Freeport proposal could form a core tenet of the Interim Vehicle’s work and given its location in Leicestershire (North West Leicestershire) is central to the County Council’s interests in the project. The Freeport bid also encompasses the Ratcliffe on Soar Power station site. Other sites may also be included in the February 2021 submission.





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