Agenda and decisions

County Council
Wednesday, 5 December 2018 2.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber

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Chairman's Announcements.


To confirm the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 26 September 2018. pdf icon PDF 304 KB

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To receive declarations by members of interests in respect of items on this agenda.


To answer questions asked under Standing Order 7(1)(2) and (5).


To receive position statements under Standing Order 8.


The Leader gave a position statement on the following matters:-


·       iMPOWER – most productive council;

·       Unitary Local Government;

·       County Councils Network Annual Conference 2018;

·       East Midlands Collaboration;

·       Leicester and Leicestershire Local Enterprise Partnership;

·       Social Value;

·       Broadband.


The Cabinet Lead Member for Children and Family Services gave a position statement on the following matters:-


·       Ofsted – ‘Focus visit on the Front Door’;

·       Innovation Partnership;

·       New Lubbesthorpe Primary School;

·       Newlands Community Primary School;

·       Ministerial Visit to Leicestershire Youth Offending Service;

·       Fostering and Adoption.


A copy of the position statements is attached.



Report of the Corporate Governance Committee.


Proposed changes to the Contract Procedure Rules. pdf icon PDF 190 KB

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“That the proposed amendments to the Contract Procedure Rules, set out in Appendix 1 to the report of the Corporate Governance Committee, be approved.”



Report of the Constitution Committee.


Review of the Constitution. pdf icon PDF 271 KB

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“That the proposed changes to Part 3 (Responsibility for Functions) of the Constitution relating to the extension of role and responsibilities of the Constitution Committee to deal with the functions of the County Council as a Charitable Trustee, be approved.”



Report of the Independent Remuneration Panel. pdf icon PDF 272 KB

Additional documents:


“(a)     That those Members who submitted an Annual Report be thanked for doing so.


(b)      That those Members who have not submitted an Annual Report for the municipal year 2017/18 do so at the earliest opportunity.


(c)      That all Members of the County Council be required to prepare and submit a second Annual Report for publication on the County Council’s website by June 2019 and it be noted that the Panel intends to reconvene in the autumn of 2019 to review the outcome of this recommendation.


(d)      That Group Leaders and Whips, in particular the Conservative and Labour Group Leaders and Whips, be thanked for their hard work in ensuring that all Members of their Group submitted an Annual Report.


(e)      That Group Leaders and Group Whips be reminded of their responsibility for ensuring that all Members of their Groups complete and submit a second Annual Report.


(f)       That the allowance payable to Group Whips continues to be paid at the current rate of £60.20 per Member.


(g)      That it be noted that the Panel will review the Group Whips allowance at its next meeting (Autumn 2019).”



Report of the Cabinet.


Annual Report of the Director of Public Health. pdf icon PDF 111 KB

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“That the Director of Public Health Annual Report 2018 be noted with support.”



Annual Delivery Report and Compendium 2018. pdf icon PDF 259 KB

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“That the Annual Delivery Report and Performance Compendium 2018 be approved.”



Appointments made in accordance with Item 11 of Standing Order 4.


Appointment of Mr T J Pendleton CC as Cabinet Support Member.


“That Mr T J Pendleton CC be appointed as Cabinet Support Member until the next Annual Meeting of the County Council, as provided for in Article 7 of the Council’s Constitution.”



To consider the following notice/s of motion:


Police Funding.

(a)        That this Council notes:-


(i)          concerns expressed by the Home Office Select Committee predicting dire consequences for public safety unless police budgets are increased;


(ii)         the view of the National Audit Office that the funding model for policing is financially unsustainable;


(iii)        that since 2010 Government grant received by Leicestershire Police has gone from £134m in 2010, down to £104m this year resulting in police numbers falling from 2,300 in 2010 to 1806 this year;


(iv)       the most recent Treasury decision to pass on to local forces the full cost of pension revaluation that will cost Leicestershire Police £5 million per annum, equivalent to the cost of employing approximately 180 police officers;


(v)        the considerable effort undertaken by Leicestershire Police to date to reduce back office costs and improve efficiency through transformation and innovation and as a result saving £8 million since 2010;


(vi)       the increasing pressures faced by the police as a result of an increasing population, the proliferation of cyber-crime and fraud and increased demands arising from safeguarding vulnerable people.


(b)        That this Council believes that the current level of police funding is inadequate to meet the needs of the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland and supports the representations made by the Chief Constable and Police and Crime Commissioner to Leicestershire MPs urging them to make representations to Government on this matter.



“(a)     That the County Council fully supports Leicestershire Police and notes recent speculation about Government intentions on police funding, including further council tax rises, and that the most recent issue affecting police funding, the question of pension costs, may be the subject of court proceedings.


(b)      That the County Council is not in a position to comment on the above but believes that the answer to any of the serious funding shortfalls affecting front-line public services does not lie in short-term fixes but in medium to longer term funding changes and therefore notes the crucial importance of the Government’s forthcoming Comprehensive Spending Review.


(c)      That accordingly, the County Council asks Leicestershire MPs to support the County Council, Leicestershire Police and the Fire and Rescue Service and to draw the attention of Government to the Council’s view that, in order to be effective, the CSR as a minimum should adopt the following principles:


·     Taxpayers’ money should be focussed on maintaining and improving services.

·     Services must be cost-effective.

·     Recognition of service demand.

·     Recognition of the impact of austerity.

·     Fairness in public sector funding.

·     Equity in service provision.

·     An end to silo decision-making within Government which frustrates local service delivery.

·     The importance of prevention in longer term solutions to societal and service pressures.”